Light commercial vehicles in leasing

CARCADE offers «Leasing of light commercial vehicles» - for those who appreciate comfort and a wide choice not only on road, but also in business relations.

Formation of mutually advantageous cooperation with clients is foresight. Drawing up a leasing contract CARCADE considers your requirements.

At your choice there is a wide range of multi-function and comfortable light commercial vehicles. Vans, minibuses, pickups in leasing – CARCADE will help you to choose a light commercial vehicle at your taste.

Leasing with CARCADE is convenient!

Our manager will come to your place any time to give you information on leasing of commercial vehicles and special equipment free of charge. You will learn about a preliminary decision on financing at your first meeting after only 10 minutes.

If you don’t know exactly what vans, minibuses or pickups you need, the CARCADE Leasing Co. that cooperates with more than 1500 dealers all over the country will choose the model that suits you from the database.

For all our clients there is a Call-center. Our experts are always ready to answer your questions concerning insurance, accounting, taxation, legal and economic aspects of vehicle leasing.

Parameters for leasing of light commercial vehicles

  1. Rise in price: from 0 %
  2. Deposit: from 10 %
  3. Terms of payments: from 12 till 36 months (terms can be specified by managers CARCADE Leasing)
  4. Schedule of payments: equal/decreasing payments
  5. Work with the insurance company at your choice
  6. Minimum pack of contract documents
  7. Currency: RUR, USD
  8. Asset holder at your choice: lessor or lessee;
  9. Invoice on deposit is issued by the month of the leased car transfer;
  10. Sum of participation in CARCADE: up to 250 000 US dollars.

List of the documents necessary for leasing contract (notary certification is not required!):

  • Copies of constituent documents assured by the seal and signature of the CEO;
  • Copy of the registered financial reports for the last financial year and for the last accounting period;
  • Copy of the documents confirming powers of the person who signs the leasing contract.

Participants of the program:

  • Enterprises of small and medium business, businessmen with work experience from one year.