Car leasing – is a favorable way of getting a vehicle for enterprises and individual businessmen, irrespective of their business and taxation system.

Getting a leased vehicle, you avoid large lump-sum expenses and as soon as you have paid deposit (10-50 % from the vehicle cost) you can get profit, using the new car. You don't need to save or withdraw money from your turnover. You don't involve borrowed capital, and in the balance of the company there is an optimum parity of internal and borrowed funds. Thereby you still have a possibility to take out a loan from the bank.

Leasing makes process of obtaining a vehicle simple and accessible because the leased subject remains the property of the leasing company and serves as the basic security of the leasing contract. Requirements to the borrower are more flexible and loyal than in the bank that originates a loan.

Concluding the leasing contract, you can choose a convenient schedule of repayment - the size of a monthly payment, the sum of redemption payment, financing schedule. Make your own rules!

You don’t have to collect heaps of papers and search the army of guarantors.

For making contract with CARCADE Leasing List you need the following documents (notary certification is not required!):

  • Copies of constituent documents assured by the seal and signature of the CEO;
  • Copy of the registered financial reports for the last financial year and for the last accounting period;
  • Copy of the documents confirming powers of the person who signs the leasing contract.

Benefits of leasing for the enterprises and individual businessmen with Standard Taxation System

Neither purchase of a vehicle, nor the loan give businessman an opportunity to optimize legally taxable base as a lease can do.

Your LAWFUL benefit:

  • Leasing payments are considered to be operational expenditures included in the cost price of a product or service therefore the profit tax decreases for the given sum (article 264 paragraph10 of the Tax Code RF).
  • VAT payment is distributed on the whole contract validity period with the subsequent refund from the budget. The given schedule is applied regardless the asset holder: it can be a lesser or a lessee.
  • Invoice on the deposit (prepayment) is issued by the month of the vehicle transfer, if you are an asset holder the VAT refund occurs practically at once.
  • For vehicles with engine volume exceeding 3,5 liters it is possible to have accelerated amortization with coefficient up to 3. Thus, for the leasing contract validity period the car will be completely amortized and will go to the balance of the enterprise with minimum repurchase price that will be considered as expenses.

Benefits of leasing for enterprises and individual businessmen with Simplified Taxation System

For the «incomes minus expenses» system - reference on expenses of overall costs of leasing payments (subparagraph 4 paragraph 1 article 346.16 of the Tax Code RF) allows to lower the tax more than at obtaining basic means on credit as percent on expenses on credits and loans is normalized.

Benefits of leasing for enterprises and individual businessmen with Unified Tax on Imputed Income

A flexible estimation method of financial indicators of the clients, allows CARCADE to cooperate with any lessees, including representatives of small business with working experience from 6 months.

And absence of additional terms in the form of money turnover transfer or security deposit at the account which are often demanded by banks makes leasing service even more affordable reducing "distance" between you and your new car.

Operate effectively, use advantages of the lease.

Car leasing – is your affordable benefit!