CARCADE Leasing Company is aimed at cooperation with small and medium business in Russia.

Success and well-being of our clients is directly reflected in the company’s activity indicators.

  1. According to the Rosleasing Association, every fifth car lease contract is concluded with CARCADE.
  2. More than 21 000 companies and individual businessmen became our clients.
  3. More than 40 % of enterprises and businessmen apply to us repeatedly.
  4. More than 35 thousand lease contracts have been concluded for 14 years of our work in the market of leasing services.

We promote leasing services in the fields of activity of our clients; we improve our offers and form standards of the market development.

  1. Appreciation of independent experts confirms professionalism of CARCADE Leasing, steady positions of the company and viability of the chosen direction.
  2. According to the Expert RА rating agency, CARCADE Leasing is among «ТОP-20 lessors, working with small-scale business» (reference) and «ТОP-20 lessors, working with medium business» (reference) following the results of 2009.
  3. According to an independent expert V.D.Gazman (professor from the State University Higher School of Economics , «Expert RA», "Rosleasing"), within last several years CARCADE has been one of the three leaders in a segment of car leasing in the Russian Federation.
  4. According to the data of the Expert RА rating agency, the CARCADE Leasing Co. which specializes in vehicle leasing only, occupies:
  • 11th place in the rating of the «TOP 100 leasing companies in Russia” based on the results of 2009
  • 9th place in the rating of the “Rоsleasing" - Russian association of leasing companies, based on the results of work in 2009.
  • 11th place from the viewpoint of new leas contracts concluded in 2009 in the rating of V.D. Gazman.

14 years of work at the market is a unique experience, considerable practice and a long-term partnership.

Our main capital - trust of our clients!

Vehicle leasing – our specialization!

Small and medium business – our main client!

Reliability base


Following the results of work in 2009 profitability of the CARCADE Leasing Co. own capital was 24 %. It is one of the best indicators in this segment.

Value of the shared capital (see the chart above)

Authorized capital stock size is one of basic criteria of the company’s activity that characterizes its reliability. Since 2002 the size of authorized capital stock of CARCADE Leasing has grown more than by 30 times and now it is 739 452 thousand rbl.

Trust in advance

Even in the hardest period for the local market (the second half of 2008 – the first half 2009) we did not suspend our activity, continued to finance transactions on obtaining leased cars and trucks for our clients - small and medium business.

We work for the future, helps our partners not only to overcome difficulties, but also to develop their own business and strengthen their position in the market. And, as practice shows, similar cooperation is favorable and successful.

Cost of concluded contracts (see the chart above)

Benefit offer

We develop the market – more and more new clients use possibility of buying and selling vehicles in lease.

Despite a difficult situation at the local leasing market in 2009, CARCADE only strengthened its positions in the car leasing segment. Results of 2009 – the company did not lose its profitability.

Number of concluded contracts (see the chart above)

Steps towards

CARCADE has the principle of development of regional network – to be closer to the client!

One of the company’s main tasks is to make car leasing as convenient and affordable as possible. Therefore regional network of the CARCADE Leasing Co. is one of the greatest among the leasing companies of the country. It consists of 47 branches in 42 cities of Russia.

Today buying or selling vehicles in lease is becoming more and more required. Efficiency of car leasing is confirmed by the companies that successfully overcome economic difficulties.

Leasing company CARCADE considers it and plans to open 4 new offices in 2010, and increased a regional network of sales up to 51 offices in 46 cities of Russia.

Number of departments (see the chart above)

Human factor

Credo of the CARCADE Leasing Co. is high quality standards and efficiency.

Judging from these principles, CARCADE forms the staff, constantly increasing professionalism of the employees, inducing them to perfection and achievement of good results.

Even during the period when the leasing market was reduced almost to 70 %, we could keep more than 80 % of highly skilled personnel.

Each employee is a part of our company, and he is important for us. Till 2009 CARCADE increased qualification of the specialists every half as year.

Now the system of remote training introduced in 2009 allows doing it every month. For this reason experts working in CARCADE, are considered the most qualified professionals at the leasing market.

Number of employees (see the chart above)