CARCADE Leasing Co. is a team of the high-class professionals, always ready to offer the clients their knowledge and skills on all questions in the field of car leasing and getting a loan.

At the head of this team there are people who participated in formation of the Russian market of leasing services, best experts in purchase and lease of vehicles. .

Decisions made by the management of CARCADE, provide successful and stable development of the leasing company. Our managers are representatives of a new formation, young, ambitious, strategically thinking experts, professionals who see the future, create the present and make use of the past experience.

The CARCADE Leasing Co. is aimed at success only. Join us!

Management of CARCADE Leasing:

Vlasova Larissa.

General Director of CARCADE Leasing. 


«To improve lease service and make it more affordable is one of the main tasks of our Company; we have unique opportunities for it: 14 year-old work experience and innovative approach to business. We use leading technologies for creation of new products and services - we develop the market and its standards. I believe in success because I work with a powerful and qualified team of professionals».

Larissa Vlasova‘s career is ingenious but at the same is it is typical for CARCADE Leasing. Talented and ambitious employees always achieve success.

Larissa Vlasova passed her way from a manager to the General Director of the Company. Her appointment was something very special– it was for the first time in the history of CARCADE Leasing when a Russian top-manager occupied this position. Before it, since 1996 (the year when CARCADE was founded) the position of General Director had always been occupies by Polish expatriots.

Larissa Vlasova was appointed the position of General Director by the Supervisory Board of CARCADE Leasing and on January 1, 2010 she started working.

Vlasova Larissa.

Was born on 30, June, 1976 in Alma-Ata.
Graduated from the Engineering and Economics department of the St-Petersburg State University of Service and Economics. Her specialty is a financial economist. 
In 2004-2006 she studied the MBA program - Strategic Management in the State University - the Higher School of Economics.
In 2001 started her work for CARCADE as a Manager on leasing.
In 2002 headed one of the Moscow Sales departments of the Company.
In 2003 she was appointed Director of the Sales Department in CARCADE Leasing.
Under her guidance the regional network of sales increased. And now it is one of the largest at the Russian leasing market; new products were developed and launched; key marketing activities were executed.
In 2004 – a member of the Board of the Company. 
In 2009 was appointed Assistant General Director.
Since 1 January 2010 - General Director of CARCADE leasing.

Alexey Smirnov.

Assistant General Director of CARCADE Leasing. 


«We work in a very competitive segment, and we have ambitious plants. I believe that competition is an accelerator of lease service market development. Striving for improvement is natural. We are not going to stay where we are. We still have much work to do».

Aleksey Smirnov - is a leader of a new generation. He prefers to learn the process from practice, skillfully using theoretical knowledge. He got excellent education, practice in the best companies and made brilliant career of an auditor. As the result in 2004 he received an invitation from the CARCADE Leasing Co. He was appointed CEO of the Controlling Group.

In the shortest term Aleksey Smirnov created a budget system and adjusted accounting and administrative reporting according to international standards.

In real business Aleksey revealed himself as a talented financial expert and then as a successful manager. Thanks to reducing operational expenses and active expansion the CARCADE Leasing Co. achieved a phenomenal level of profitability in this branch - 50 % Under Smirnov’s guidance the company started to work with Russian banks (before it all lease contracts had been financed at the expense of borrowed money, received from the parent holding).

For rather a short term Aleksey Smirnov adjusted system of administrative reporting and reporting according to International Financial Reporting Standards; he reorganized financial department, and allocated two directions: controlling and exchequer; introduced control system and control over credit and market risks of the company; developed leasing calculator and scoring system that became the know-how of the CARCADE Leasing Co.

Aleksey was appointed Assistant General Director of CARCADE Leasing Co. in 2010.   

Smirnov Aleksey.

Was born 3 February in 1979 in Moscow.
In 2000 graduated from the International Economic Relations department of the Financial Academy at the Government of the Russian Federation.
He studied the following disciplines: «Corporate finance», "Risk management", «International management» at the Higher School of Management in Koblenz, Germany 
Aleksey had practice as an assistant auditor in the Russian office of the ARTHUR ANDERSEN Co, later he was offered a job at ARTHUR ANDERSEN. He made his career from an assistant to the main auditor. 
He has degree of an accountant-auditor (SPA), New Hampshire, USA. At the moment he is writing his diploma on MBA in Business School of Manchester, Great Britain
He continued his career in ERNST&YOUNG (2002-2004) and passed his way from an assistant to the main auditor.
In 2004 he received an invitation from the CARCADE Leasing Co on a post of CEO of Controlling Group. 
In 2005 has was appointed Assistant Financial Director, and at the end of the year - Financial Director. 
In 2007 Aleksey was in the Board of the Company.